Ch. Quissex Magister Ludi

Ch. Quissex Master of Illusion

Ch. Buckleigh Capitain Fantastic

Ch. Foxmoor Macho Macho Man

Ch. Sugarhill Rainy Sunday

Ch. Quissex Laurelton Lily

Ch. Mosvalley Mustang Traffox

Ch. Laurelton Never Too Late

Ch. Focus Foolish Games

Ch. Seafarers Profiler

Ch. Brookshire's Splash Dance

Ch. Seaferer Stand By Me

Ch. Brookshire's Royal Blush

Foxterra's Nasty Boy

Seaferer Wicked Ways

Buchanan Wild Orchid of Avalon

Ch. Aimhi SWM

Ch. Aimhi Type Cast

Ch. Laurelton Now Hear This

Ch. Aimhi Emotion

Rapidan True Friend

Ch. Rapidan Oh By George

Ch. Rapidan Heartstrings

Ch. Rapidan Wild Indigo

Ch. Rapidan Oh By George

Ch. Rapidan Blue Vu After Hours

Ch. Foxmoor Tess Trueheart

Ch. Rapidan Wild Iris

Ch. Foxhill The Spin Doctor

Ch. Rapidan Social Butterfly