We imported Marley from England as an outcross experiment to reinforce the strong features of front assembly we aleady had in our gene pool. We brought her with the specific intention of breeding her to our Am. Ch. Avalon's Excalibur of TuRo "Zack". This is a dog with a very strong linebred pedigree, already proven to be a great producer. As is known by those who've been involved in long term breeding, outcrosses will produce a wider variety of features in the offspring. The breeding of Marley was no different. The pick of this litter, Crimson Tide, is a classic fawn bitch who goes by the name of "Ebby". She has inherited the great front assembly of both her father and mother, along with classic American style, which was very important to us, and a terrific headpiece. We chose her to be the one puppy from this litter to be a part of our breeding program. She is now the great producer we expected her to be. Though Marley did produce other championship quality puppies in this one litter, we chose to retire her from our breeding program as she had fulfilled her purpose. Marley now lives out her life as a treasured family pet.
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