Ivy's sire
"Ivy" is the result of the first of two frozen semen breedings of Lexi to Mac. The second breeding produced "Sage" and "Stella".
Ivy finished her championship at the highly competitive January Florida Circuit. She is a total package with great conformation, effortless gait, beautiful breed type all topped with the most solid temperament.

Ch. Sundarby's Fleetwood Mac

Ch. TuRo's Empire

Ch. Marquam Hill's Traper of TuRo

Ch. Mephisto's Vendetta

Ch. TuRo's Whisper of 5-T's

Ch. TuRo's Touche'

Ch. Benjoman of 5-T's

Ch. Hollylane's Baubles

Ch. Sundarby's Cover Girl

Ch. Bropat's Red Alert of Asgart

Ch. Araby's Shortspot

Ch. Bropat's Fandancer

Sultan's Diamond Belle

Ch. Shieldmond's Dimension

Ch. Asgard's Southern Belle

Ch. Jaegerhouse's Unique

Ch. Laurel Hill's Evening Star

Ch. Tudosal's Whizzard of Laurel Hill

TuRo's Escappade

Tudosal's Onyx of Laurel Hill

Ch. Kiebla's Tradition of TuRo

TuRo's Escappade

Ch. Kiebla's Mercy

Ch. Jaegerhouse's Greta Garbo

Ch. Omega's Black Knight

TuRo's Escappade

Ch. Omega's Sweet Liberty

Ch. D.J.'s Jezzabel

Ch. D.J.'s Mystery Maker

D.J.'s Tiara